I get email

Screenshot of an email message

Sometimes I get messages from people who think I’m Gary Roberts the hockey player. Today I got one from a coach for the Pittsburgh Penguins! See screenshot:

Wile E. Coyotes!

You Are in Bear Country!

I used to love watching the Looney Tunes cartoon show Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner when I was a kid. In each episode, the two protagonists were placed in an predator/prey scenario in which the coyote would use all kinds of absurdly complex contraptions and elaborate plans to pursue his quarry, instead of relying on natural animal senses Read More …

Ave Maria

My walk home after work tonight was completely different to yesterday’s. As I made my way, I had to pass by Roy Thomson Hall. As I approached the hall, I heard the sound of Ave Maria drifting through the air, and I could see an old Chinese guy across the street from me, playing this beautiful hymn on Read More …


“Hi, my name’s Neil!” says the guy, loudly, as he turns the corner right in front of me and moves into my way. I’m walking home from work, it’s just after 5PM and starting to get dark. The temperature is 4°, unseasonably warm for January—a nice night to walk home. I have to stop, because Read More …